What is induction heating and how does it work?

Induction heating offers a combination of speed, consistency and control by using invisible, flameless heat that istransferred to the product via electromagnetic waves in which the part never comes into direct contact with any flame,and the coil itself does not get hot. The coil serves as the transformer primary and the part to be heated becomes a short circuit secondary.


When a metal part is placed within the induction coil and enters the magnetic field, circulating eddy currents are induced within the part.


These eddy currents flow against the electrical resistivity of the metal, generating precise and localized heat without any direct contact between the part and the coil. Our flameless heating tools have been designed to solve problems, such as how to remove stuck orcorroded parts, windows, body moldings, and more.


There’s no longer any need to use a potentially dangerous torch to remove parts.


An open lame is unreliable, time consuming and can damage the area around the part, affecting productivity and ultimately the profits you make.

What is induction heating and how does it work?


Input voltage:  AC-230-240V (50-60HZ)

Input current: 10A

Max power: 1500 W

Ambient temperature: 20 ~ 60° C

Relative humility:  < 95% RH

Atmospheric pressure:  < 95%

RH Instrument protection temperature: 120°

Heater weight:  2.4kg

Weight for heater and the carrying-case together:  4.9kg


For auto mechanics,removing brake bleeder nuts and

valves is always a time-consuming,difficult and frustrating work.


Nuts securing the bolts rust easily and as they’re usually placed

in hard-to-reach areas,it’s very difficult to remove them.

However,help is at hand.


The portable induction heating tool uses flamelesstechnology to

heat ferrous metal (containing iron) and some non-ferrous metal

parts in seconds. This releases all types of corrosive/rusted/seized

Hardware, quicker and more safely than by traditional flame heating.


And there’s no costly and time consuming damage to surrounding



Garages and technicians do not need to take the risk of using a torch

which could damage brake parts, such as the brake line or pipe.


The Mini bendable coils are ideal for hard-to-reach areas andthin

enough to wrap round the nut and heat it in seconds for easy removal.


Using the coil, a 3/4″ nut is heated red hot in 10 seconds or so.


If a torch was used, this would take several minutes.


The heat expands the nut, breaking the corrosive bond.




Standard 6-piece Kit Heating 

Portable Plastic Carrying Case

1. Induction heater body

2. φ20 heating coil

3. φ32 heating coil

4. φ43 heating coil

5. U shape heating coil

6. F shape heating coil 

7. Long heating coil

8. Instruction manua

Housing material

PA+fiberglass housing

Heater body 2.4kg, total weight for heater and carrying box together is 4.9kgs

Loosen the knobs

Plug in the coil and tighten the knobs

Insert the power plug

Remove the nut with ratchet wrench

Snare around the nut with coil and press the switch

Plug in the coil and tighten the knobs







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