The solar Energizer is designed to supply power to a single strand fence up to the distance rated for each model(as per table on the rear). These units are designed to keep livestock either in or out of a designated area.
The fence energizer is a device generating regular but very brief high voltage pulses which are transferred to the electric fence surrounding a pasture or crop as a prevention against animal access. The energy of the pulse is configured in such a way as to frighten an animal if the fence is touched when the energizer is operating. The brief nature of the pulse prevents harmful electric shock to animals as the voltage rapidly drops from 8.7KV to 1.2KV when contact is made with the fence.
When fully charged the Fence Energizer can work for up to 21 days with limited sunshine One good sunny day in three should maintain a full charger. Should there be insufficient sunshine the battery can be recharged with the optional mains charger.

1) Fix to wall or suitable post
2) Adjust panel to be at 90 degrees to sun
3) Connect grounding terminal to grounding rod(Not supplied)
4) Connect red line terminal to fence wire
5) Rotate On/off lever to ON position to START
6) Rotete on7off lever to OFF position to STOP

NB: Should the fence exceed the recommended maximum length (for any model) the energizer should be replaced with an appropriate model with a larger rated output OR the fence can be divided into smaller with an individual
energizer with each section of fence suitably isolated from any adjacent section.


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